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In online shop “Taystra” you can find not just embroidered clothes but a new life style.

Here you can find embroidered dresses and blouses in boho style that are at the top of fashion now. That’s why we want to tell more about boho style that is to emphasize the individuality of every girl.

Dresses in boho style is te style of free and unique women and girls. It combines different directions: hippie, country and western, it also makes you feel romantic and dreamy. Boho style dresses are lightness and womanhood, where there is no place for distinct lines and strict rules. It always looks stylish, attractive and to some extent magical.

We are sure that every woman has at least one piece of clothes in the boho style. The main distinctive features of such clothes are practicability and comfort that easily show the natural beauty and charm of boho clothes.

One more advantage of boho style is that it suits women of any age and any stature. Any image you create in boho style will be charming and fascinating. All the materials we use are natural.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us and order a fascinating and unique embroidered dress or blouse in boho style. We are waiting for you!!!!!


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