Children's clothes


                               …made  exclusively for you


 “Taistra” is a tailor shop where modern  designer embroidered clothes with national and ethnic motives is produced.

We treat every client individually, here, in our studio, every customer’s demand and preferences are considered.

In our designer studio you can order custom tailoring on flax using individual measurements, choose embroidery colour on different colored textile, even winter cloth.

We also propose buying earrings made of silk  thread of the same color as the embroidery on your clothes. You can get these earrings as a present if you order two items at a time.

There is also a special proposition for Moms with daughters: we embroider the same dress for a Mom and her Daughter. Such sets look really beautiful and cute. They underline this  indissoluble connection between parents and children. Besides that children look awesome wearing embroidered clothes.


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