Сoats and vests

Embroidery has always been the symbol of Ukrainian culture. Today it’s not only ethnic symbols, but is also instrument for creating designer masterpieces. In such embroidery our ancestors’ tradition and modern tendencies are combined. It contains positive energy and protects from negative influence of the surrounding, you have the just to choose the right ornament.

Embroidery usually is put on light shirt, dresses and T-sirts! And what about winter clothes? The on-line shop “Taystra” presents embroidered coats and waistcoats in which you’ll look gorgeous and be safe from the cold.

Warm embroidered clothes is the perfect choice for clod seasons

Выглядеть презентабельно и оригинально хочется в любое время не зависимо от погоды. Приобретение жилета или пальто с этнической символикой выполнит сразу несколько задач.

Despite weather conditions we always want to look fashionable, unique and comfortable. If you buy a coat or a waistcoat with embroidery or ethnic symbols, you’ll always look elegant and comfortable.  

  • First of all, it’s universal.

This piece of clothes goes perfectly with a dress, trousers or a skirt. One can choose discreet style, but the bright ornament color will catch the eye of the passers-by. You can wear it on different occasions: festive events, everyday walks or business lunch.

  • Secondly, it’s stylish... Some centuries ago, it was an integral part of the wardrobe of the Ukrainians. Embroidery has already conquered the world and famous designers use it in their work. It’s a fresh breath in modern tendencies.
  • And, finally, it’s comfortable.. We use cashmere, neoprene or polyester which keep you warm in cold weather.

Thanks to individual tailoring and loose cut such coats don’t restrict movements and you feel yourself comfortable. Insulation is on request.

You choose the color of the coat/waistcoat and the ornament to your taste. Before ordering we strongly recommend to find out the meaning of the chosen ornament and color on our site.

“Taystra” we respect and appreciate every client!

Our Studio provides individual tailoring. We present a rich variety of items. You can look through catalogues and choose the desired style and embroidery. We take into account all Your requirements and preferences. Everyone can wear original and unique embroidered outfits!


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