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Embroidery has a long history. It is the result of complicated and painstaking labor, filled with great color variety and sacral ornaments. There are two variants of embroidery, manual and machine, which are used for male and female traditional Ukrainian shirts (“vyshyvanka”), dresses, towels (“rushnyk”) and household items, such as tablecloth, blankets and pillowcases. Cross stitching skill was inherited from grandmothers to mothers and then to their daughters.  Each family had its own recognizable symbols and patterns that made the great historical value for new generation.

But today you don’t have to spend sleepless nights embroidering. Trade mark “Taystra” presents to your attention a great variety of linen blouses in boho style, which are the symbol of beauty and freedom of the past.


Each Ukrainian region has its own distinctive features of stitches and patterns in embroidered clothes, which vary in color and embroidering techniques. Every cross and color had its own meaning and not everyone could understand what it meant: love, luck, wealth or sooner recovery. Embroidery became the integral part of our culture.

Nowadays Ukrainian embroidery is known and popular all over the world. Famous designers use our ornaments and motives in their works adding originality and individuality to their clothes.

Distinctive features of boho style

Clothing in boho style – feminine and unique image

You should feel free with boho style

Boho rejects all rules, which sets the fashion industry. When creating an image, we use only our intuition and taste. After all, what is written in the fashion magazines, invented by the same people, just like you.

Your image in the boho style must be unique and reflect your view of the world. Clothing should be ideally suited for your type of appearance. Individuality – this is the main principle of this style.

This cut differs from others by charm and attractiveness. There are no distinct lines and besides embroidery there are lots of decorative elements. In such a blouse you’ll look and feel special. You’ll distinguish from the crowd and give your image a sense of relax.

Such blouse goes with a classical skirt or tapered trousers perfectly. In the catalogue blouses with belts, silk tassels, dropped shoulders and without sleeves are presented. This fashion suits any type of body built and hides downsides. The belt emphasizes the waist.

Linen makes the style look more ethnic. Linen is not only pleasant to touch and light to wear, it’s also hypoallergenic recommended by the dermatologists. It is ideal for hot seasons and helps to keep the normal body temperature. This environmentally sound fabric won’t leave you indifferent.

Taystra - personal approach to every client!


A great variety of boho style louses is present5ed in our catalogue. Lots of different colour combinations, fashions and ornaments. You can choose the items according to your taste, size and stature. Our talented masters will sew and embroider vyshyvanka for a little girl and a woman to feel yourself unique, charming and attractive! Feel free to go to experiment and trust your taste!


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