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Friends, the recent film-investigation of the director Igor Poddubny "RETURN. The whole truth about finding the remains of Yaroslav the Wise. "

             The creators of the film turned to us with a request for cooperation, and as the Creative Workshop "Taystra" is always ready to respond to proposals for participation in cultural projects, we gladly provided one of our dresses for filming (from 1.19.21 film).

                Igor Poddubny shot a film about us, about our ancestors: close and distant, and the main DNA with which he wants to understand is not the DNA of Yaroslav the Wise, but the moral DNA of his descendants, down to those who lost historical memory, us ... So to whom is addressed this, visually, dedicated to the newer science of genetic history, rather than a specific problem, the film? And here we, my friends, will have to remember the inscription above the door of the Pythagoras school - "No Geomet so Let It Go ..." for simple curiosity for getting pleasure from watching the film, it will clearly not be enough. It requires moral and intellectual curiosity and the viewer will need, as he wrote about Mazepa, Valery Shevchuk - "Osvichtcheniye" But at the same time, God forbid, there is no disrespect to the viewer of today's author. It's just that the film was made not only for today, but also for later, for this film is an Appeal to future truth-seekers with an appeal to continue searching for the Historical Truth. Well, we must, somehow put an end to the question of who we are and where and "Where did the Russian Land come from," it's Ukrainian. Yes, and Karma from all historians, and I see Igor as such, to perform their works not only for strict contemporaries, but for descendants, as proved by true historians, for three millennia, beginning with Herodotus.

             Sincerely we thank Igor and Svetlana Poddubnykh for the opportunity to take part in such an interesting and ambitious project.


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