“Finally, I'm a pink pony,The transformation was successful”- she is posing in a dress from "Taystra"


Elena Filonova, leading the New Channel, having ordered a bright pink mini-dress “embroidery” of individual tailoring from the Creative Workshop “Taistra”, decided to radically change the image by risking to dye her blond hair pink.

               "Girl Brand" actively shares with fans in his Instagram both his personal life and various beauty experiments, making videos and boasting results. Naturally, Elena showed and the result that she got. Video with this result in a dress from TM “Taistra” was watched by more than 178 thousand users of the social network.

                 “Finally, I'm a pink pony,” the star joked under the video. “The transformation was successful. Now the New Self,” later signed Elena’s photograph, in which she is posing in a pink embroidered dress from TM Taystra and with pink curls.

For a couple of hours, about 10,000 Instagram users liked this photo.

“You look gorgeous”, “Filonov fire! You are not so typical, cool, I enjoy watching you "," You are so smart, I look and admire, just a bomb ... You are the best ... "- fans threw comments at the picture of the girl.


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